Established in 2006, SKYAVENUE or Labschool Kebayoran’s Art Event for Unity and Equality is an event that showcases and values a diverse form of art, hardships, and creativity of the Indonesian youth. Held annually by Labschool Kebayoran High School Students, the event has grown progressively for 13 years straight and has become one of the most favored and anticipated event every year, especially by those living in Jakarta and it’s surroundings. This year, SKYAVENUE will be presented within the concept of music festival, jazzed up by Indonesia’s most favored A-list guest stars, with our visual theme "Funkadelic Phenomenon". SKYAVENUE will take our visitors to a journey with festive and grandeur as it views.

With our brand new concept in SKYAVENUE’s 14th being held, we genuinely hope that SKYAVENUE 2019 will be an aspiring revolutionary movement to all high school students in terms of organization of art appreciating events and taking theirs to a whole new level towards a better Indonesian youth in which being determined by passion and creativity from it’s generation.

Chief Executive Officer: Budiman Prawiroatmojo D.
Head of Skyavenue: Setasena Randata R.
Co-Head of Skyavenue: Ghiffari Zahran R.
Secretary: Rafyanka Cinta A.
Co-Secretary: Ardhani Dzaky R.
Co-Secretary 2: Diva Nasyatra S.
Treasurer: Calvina Gaia K.
Co-Treasurer: Az Zahra Sashe

Head of Marketing: Malaikha Dayanara K.
Design: Amanda Kalyana
Publication: Nalareta Kamiliya T.
Documentation: Rayhan Farid Akbari
Ticketing: Kayla Athaya
Secretariat: Marsya Raib

Head of Event: Giffary Ivan F. P.
Creative: Rania A. Satwika
Stage: Aryo Tejo Sumarto
Live Music: Fadhlan Rasyad Siregar

Head of Finance: M. Nafi Anggoro
Sponsorship: Raflian Alvito R.
Funding: Athifa Hafizha H.

Head of Operational: Achmad Ravi F.
Licensing: M. Tabah Ardika
Crowd Control: Haidar Rahmady I.
Cleanliness: Shahnaz F. Alila
Consumption: Zafran Divac A.
Paramedic: Salma Nabilah
Transportation: Fikri Baihaqy N.

Head of Production: Shagova Maulana K.
Production: M. Rio Fernanda
Logistic: Darell Prabowo
Decoration: Aida Afiah

Head of Festival: Naura Ardya F.
Apparel: Hana Nisrina F.
Food and Beverages: Pranandani Grafiani
Entertainment: Rafiyuddin Hasan

Line: r.alv7

Line: Nalareta.

Line: hananisrinaf

F N B : Grafi
Line: grafi14